A solid ring, a beautiful necklace or a shining pair of earrings are always a smile. Small or large, real or imitation, gentle or aggressive – Jewelry always raises our spirit. Colorful beads or hanging earrings, there is always a way to turn a boring outfit into an extremely attractive. Here are some tips on how to wear jewelry.

Tender jewelery and lavish clothes. If your clothes are more colorful or extravagant, cut them into small and simple jewelery. For example, a blouse with a fool stood well with a delicate necklace of thin chain, but not with a rich and lush stones necklace.

You do not have to spend a lot. Unique jewelry adds brilliance. Avoid too cheap trinkets, but you do not have to leave your entire wage for a necklace. Find a golden environment and the balance between the quality and price of the jewelery.


Express the spirit of your style

Jewelry is something personal. Especially if we have a gift or a family relic. Then they have a sentimental value – a reflection of your style. Some people can not get out of their home without their favorite necklace, and for others a spade bracelet is enough. Some women prefer sets of bracelets, other massive brooches. No matter what your preference, jewels add joy to your vision – so have fun with them!

Cheap and chic
Be chic. In some cases, the accumulation of many bracelets is an exciting way to give emphasis to your vision. But you need to know when to stop. If you have a lot of bracelets, that means your necklace and earrings have to be very simple.

Refresh your clothing with a necklace
There are so many types of necklaces – a simple gold or silver chain, string beads, colored beads or a massive necklace. Each style combines with different clothes, but a jewel always changes the look.



Have you ever seen a great make-up woman with a great outfit and a nice hairstyle, which, however, has put terribly inappropriate ornaments? Incorrectly selected jewelery and accessories can completely destroy the effect of the most stylish garment.

To always look good with your clothes and jewelery you only need to follow a single rule – the jewelery not only has to suit the toilet, it must complement it. Here are some simple tips that will help you choose the most suitable jewel for each garment!


Jewelry in everyday life

Nowadays we often combine a comfortable blouse with jeans or wedge in our everyday life. This outfit is light, it allows dynamism and does not restrict movements – no wonder it has become almost the uniform of the ladies employed. Despite the sporty cut, you can always give elegance to this combination by adding a jewel.

Wide necklace! If you choose this kind of necklace, you should forget about other accessories. The massive necklace is an aggressive jewel and you do not have to combine it with other jewelery so you do not look like a Christmas tree.
Plunging neckline! A blouse or a deep neckline dress should be combined with a beautiful necklace. The same goes for the clothes in dense and saturated colors. The perfect choice is a gentle and simple necklace that emphasizes your beauty.